About Yadid Gonzalez

Yadid Gonzalez graduated at California State University, Fresno with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, emphasis in Illustration. She was born in Merced, CA and raised in a little town called Firebaugh, CA. She is the oldest of four girls, however, she's often mistaken as the youngest. She has a bad sweet tooth, she lose all control when sweets are around. She's also is the second member of the Gonzalez family and first in her household to receive a Bachelor degree.

She's interested in pursuing a career in freelance, animation, and children’s book illustration. She enjoy illustrating a learning experience that would put a warm smile on people's faces. She had a passion in animation since childhood, while in college, her path change into children's Illustration. She enjoy illustrating both tradition, but mostly digitally. She enjoyed watching anime and reading manga/webtoon, she even watch cartoon like Steven Universe.

She had made some poor choices that she would later regret. She was often misunderstood because of her personality and her style, she is labeled as immature and childish. During her first year at Fresno State, she was placed on academic disqualification, she later transferred to West Hills Community College. While at the community college she almost made the same mistake, she came to realize this wasn’t going to be her life and she needed to change. After three years in the community college, she graduated with an Associates degree in Art and her grades started to improve. She was accepted back to the university, but she was starting to stress because she was scared she would repeat her past mistake. She later learned to move past that but she was still being misunderstood. While being in the BFA program, she met some wonderful people who made her realize that she wasn’t immature and her childish personality helped define her career. She's really grateful for that, because of them she was able to graduate with good grades.